Southern California Tour

It’s been a real pleasure working with the guys with Unconditional Arms. More than anything I would like to thank them for taking me on tour with them this March, its been a real blast and also quite an experience. A dream come true, really. We were able to take time in all the cities that we stopped in, made lots of friends, ate lots of burritos, and drink lots of coffee. On top of Unconditional Arms being solid dudes, they also rip hard. I am not just saying this because I’ve grown to like all the guys, but also because its true. I can’t get tired of going to their shows and if you took a listen or go to one of their shows, you would know why.

I am also pleased to announce that these photos and more will be making an appearance in a Zine I am working on for this particular tour called Unconditional Zine! (Which is now available at my online store.)

Cheers readers.

Unconditional Arms