About Me

Senny Mau is a artist based in San Francisco with a BFA in fine art photography while still maintaining an interest in both editorial art and documentary. Her work is very complexed and concept based. Using both natural and artificial lighting in her work, she expresses herself in her photography. She has been exhibited in The Royal Cafe and published in Empty Waves Magazine.

Her interests in photography started with music and her passion for expression through words and sounds. Going to events and photographing musicians became one of the ways to capture that passion. This love for music later turned into an interest in all aspects of photography and concentrating on her fine art work. Currently she is going back to her roots in music photography by working on publishing a book on her live music documentary photography over a year’s span, going to shows to capture the passion in music.

With so much passion for self expression, Senny produces work that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also touches her viewers.