Motel 6

Camera Obscura is a term that means darkened room, this method was used in the 17th century to project images into a back and drawing over what the artist sees. The premise of camera obscuras is, by having a dark chamber such as a room or a box with a hole on one size, you are able to see the light squeeze through the small hole and project back onto the opposing wall. This idea is later used to record this information on film and now digital software.

In this particular project, the subjects of the camera obscura are different Motel 6s located in different parts of California. The image projected into the room is any given location in which the rooms are located. The projection is an important piece to the project because the series of locations show more to any given space, such as a Motel 6 a more spectacular view. It isn’t what is actually around you, but what you choose to take in.